Following are capital asset transactions for Dillon County for


 Following are capital asset transactions for Dillon County for the current year:               

a. Office equipment was purchased by a special revenue fund for $17,000.          

b. Office equipment was purchased by the water department (an enterprise fund) for $25,000.      

c. A building to house the youth center is being constructed; the project is accounted for using a capital projects fund. To date, invoices for $880,000 have been submitted by contractors, and $800,000 of these invoices were paid.

d. Surplus equipment, which had originally cost $100,000, was sold for $10,000. The equipment had an estimated life of 10 years, straight-line, and was sold after five years. The equipment is reported in a capital projects fund. 

e. The central motor pool, an internal service fund, purchased new equipment at a cost of $2,000,000. Old equipment, originally costing $5,000,000 with an estimated life of five years, straight-line, was sold for $600,000 when the equipment was four years old.   

f. It is estimated that the fair value of all equipment held by the central motor pool increased by $800,000 during the year.    

Instructions: Make the entry or entries, if any, to record each of the above transactions and information in the appropriate fund.  Specify the fund in which each entry is recorded.

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