I need to prepare the Bank Register Report in the template below.


I need to prepare the Bank Register Report in the template below. 

Not all general journals will need to be posted (Only cash and cash Payments from the general Journal), as they do not all affect the cheque account.

DateTransaction DetailsDepositWithdrawalBalanceBalance Dr/Cr
01/02/2023Opening balance  15,500.00Dr
01/02/2023Workshop Maintenance, GST Paid  $116.82  $15,383.18 Dr
04/02/2023Cleaning supplies, GST Paid $36.85$15346.33Dr
07/02/2023Rent, GST Paid $650.00$14696.33Dr
13/02/2023Sales – website, GST Collected$72.00 $14768.33Cr
15/02/2023Sales – retail store, GST Collected$1320.00 $16088.33Cr
15/02/2023Wages, John $500.00$15588.33Dr
17/02/2023Drawings, personal item purchase $260.00$15328.33Dr
20/02/2023Uniform, GST Paid $925.00$14403.33Dr
24/02/2023Electrical Equipment, GST Paid $5250.00$9153.33Dr
28/02/2023Sales – retail store, GST Collected$125.00 $9278.33Cr
28/02/2023Closing balance—–—-$9278.33Dr
Approved by: ………John Bright…………………….

24/02/2023 – Assets are bought for the business. Electrical Equipment is purchased with a company credit card. $5,250 including GST.

Question: Do I need to put this credit card purchase in Bank Register Report? If so, did I do it right?

(See Bold font section)

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