Important Note: Please use the accompanying IRS Tax Notice


Important Note: Please use the accompanying IRS Tax Notice (located In the ICW #6 Module) as the notice to which you will write your response letter.

You are a staff accountant for a local CPA firm, Meyers and Meyers, LLP. One of your clients,

Paula Evans contacted you in February of 2022 about a new partnership she formed with four others. The partnership, Wildwood Acres Partnership, was started in the middle of 2020 and

reports on a calendar year basis (the tax year ends on December 31). Unfortunately, this was

a little late since the 2014 partnership return was due on April 15, 2021.

Paula provided the information and your office promptly prepared the return in late February,

2022. The transmittal letter to Paula included a paragraph warning her that the IRS would

probably assess penalties for late filing. Penalties for partnerships that file late are $195 per

partner, per month (or any part thereof).

On March 29, 2022, Paula called and said she received a late filing penalty notice assessing

$10,725. She faxed the notice to you for review. Based on your review, the assessed amount is


Facts regarding the partnership:

1. All five partners are individuals and US citizens.

2. All five partners timely filed their 2020 individual income tax returns in September 2021

and included their share of partnership taxable income.

3. All five partners are equal owners of the partnership

Paula wants you to respond to the IRS notice and request relief from the penalty.

ICW #6 requirement: Prepare a response letter to the IRS requesting abatement of the penalties based

on Rev. Proc. 84-35. Be sure and reference any attachments you would include with the

response letter, even though you won’t be submitting the attachments on Turnitin.

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