Louisiana Corporation acquired on January 1, 2017 a bond investment


Louisiana Corporation acquired on January 1, 2017 a bond investment for $200,000 with a 6% premium @ 8 years, for a total of $227,156 and $6,000 payable every six months. (In January 1 and July 1). The bond matures on January 1, 2025 with a yield of 4%.

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(premium bonds)

  Amortización de bonos con prima    
 years PrincipalFixedPayAmortizedBalance
 1-Jan-17 $6,000.00   
11-Jul-17 $6,000.00   
21-Jan-18 $6,000.00   
31-Jul-18 $6,000.00   
41-Jan-19 $6,000.00   
51-Jul-19 $6,000.00   
61-Jan-20 $6,000.00   
71-Jul-20 $6,000.00   
81-Jan-21 $6,000.00   
91-Jul-21 $6,000.00   
101-Jan-22 $6,000.00   
111-Jul-22 $6,000.00   
121-Jan-23 $6,000.00   
131-Jul-23 $6,000.00   
141-Jan-24 $6,000.00   
151-Jul-24 $6,000.00   
161-Jan-25 $6,000.00   

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