Marc and Mikkel are married and earned salaries this year of


Marc and Mikkel are married and earned salaries this year of $65,200 and $19,200, respectively. In addition to their salaries, they received interest of $350 from municipal bonds and $1,100 from corporate bonds. Marc contributed $3,100 to a traditional individual retirement account, and Marc paid alimony to a prior spouse in the amount of $2,100 (under a divorce decree effective June 1, 2006). Marc and Mikkel have a 10-year-old adopted son, Mason, who lived with them throughout the entire year. Thus, Marc and Mikkel are allowed to claim a $2,000 child tax credit for Mason. Marc and Mikkel paid $7,200 of expenditures that qualify as itemized deductions, and they had a total of $3,145 in federal income taxes withheld from their paychecks during the year. (Use the tax rate schedules.)

Complete pages 1 and 2 of Form 1040 for Marc and Mikkel. (Use the most recent form available).

Visit the IRS website and download Form 1040. Enter the required values in the appropriate fields. Save your completed Tax Form to your computer and then upload it here by clicking “Browse.” Next, click “Save.”

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