Project Assignment 1) Select back-to-back annual financial


Project Assignment 1) Select back-to-back annual financial statement information from any publicly traded company. For instance, you may select results from 2021 and 2020. Try to select a smaller company to make it easier to facilitate your analysis of the results. Results can be obtained from various financial resources such as Google Finance,, and Company websites. 2) Calculate the financial analysis ratios from Chapter 17 for each of the selected years. Certain data may not be available to allow you to calculate all the ratios, so complete as many ratios as you can. 3) Provide a 3   page summary of the results. Use one page for the ratio calculations and the other  two pages for your commentary. Commentary should not only include the obvious increase or decrease effects from the respective ratios, but also a reasonable attempt to explain the reasons behind the changes. Try to tie in all aspects of the financial data.



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