Read Chapter 7: Sampling and Sampling Distributions (of Anderson,


Read Chapter 7: Sampling and Sampling Distributions (of Anderson, David R., Sweeney,
Dennis J., William, Thomas A., Camm, Jeffrey D., Cochran, James J. Fry, Michael J. textbook)
and answer the following questions:
1) The Department of Education Tasmania wants to gauge the difficulty of a new
exam by having a sample of students at a particular school take the exam. The
quality of the students at the chosen school varies widely and the school
administrators are allowed to choose who sits the exam. The administrators
have a strong incentive for the school to do well on the exam. Do you think the
results will represent the true ability of school students? What kind of bias, if
any, do you think will be present? Briefly explain.
2) Using the central limit theorem, applied to the sampling distribution of the
sample proportion, what conditions must be met?

Maximum of 150 words is a requirement for all three questions.

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