Stark Company has five employees. Employees paid by the hour earn


Stark Company has five employees. Employees paid by the hour earn $16 per hour for the regular 40-hour workweek and $24 per
hour beyond the 40 hours per week. Hourly employees are paid every two weeks, but salaried employees are paid monthly on the
last biweekly payday of each month. FICA Social Security taxes are 6.2% of the first $137,700 paid to each employee, and FICA
Medicare taxes are 1.45% of gross pay. FUTA taxes are 0.6% and SUTA taxes are 5.4% of the first $7,000 paid to each employee. The
company has a benefits plan that includes medical insurance, life insurance, and retirement funding for employees. Under this plan,
employees must contribute 5% of their gross income as a payroll withholding, which the company matches with double the amount.
Following is the partially completed payroll register for the biweekly period ending August 31, which is the last payday of August.

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