Apply your skills 3-3 Bring the Records Up to Date Please “use” the


Apply your skills 3-3
Bring the Records Up to Date

Please “use” the recurring transactions to have all transactions posted up to June 30,

2026 (as we are working in the future, they will not post automatically, so we have to manually use these

templates). Watch your dates, as the transactions are not all posted on the same day; for example, the 15th versus the end of the month.

1. In the Recurring Transactions area, use the three recurring transactions to post the transactions

up to June 30, 2026. You will be “using” the recurring transactions multiple times.

Hint: to use a template from the Recurring Transactions list, click the drop-down in the Action menu

and click Use. Edit the created transaction to suit. Using a template just means you are

creating a new transaction. You will be creating several transactions from the templates to get to June 2026.

2. For any recurring transactions that are not completed, edit their start dates to July 2026 and

reduce the occurrences accordingly; pause those that are completed.

3. return to the dashboard

The ending balance in the TD Operating account is -$30.25.

4. Run a Balance Sheet report as of June 30, 2026.

Note: Remember that as at (a particular date is used to describe everything up to and including that date. If you are required to provide a start date and one isn’t given to you, use the beginning of our fictional fiscal year, January 1, 2026.

5. Export your report to Excel, 


Your figures from the Balance Sheet you just ran should match those shown here:

Account                                                         Balance

D Operating Account                                    $-30.25

Prepaid Expenses                                         $0

Flower Fridges – PPE                                    $5,000

Renovations – PPE                                        $5,000

TD Reno Loan                                               $4,532

Owner’s Equity                                              $15,000

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