(AUTHORIZATION MATRIX) The following are the authorized signatories


  1. (AUTHORIZATION MATRIX) The following are the authorized signatories for Serrano Company:
  • Mr. A. Serrano 
  • Mrs. B. Serrano
  • Mr. C. Serrano
  • Ms. D. Serrano

Authorization matrix revealed the following:

Amount of DisbursementWho Will Sign?
P10,000 and belowANY one (1) of the four (4) signatories
P20,000 and belowMr. C. Serrano AND Ms. D. Serrano, jointly
 Mr. A. Serrano, singly
 Mrs. B. Serrano, singly
P50,000 and below(PRIMARY) Mr. A. Serrano AND Mrs. B. Serrano, jointly
 (SECONDARY) 1st signatory: either Mr. A. OR Mrs. B. Serrano;2nd signatory: either Mr. C OR Ms. D. Serrano
NOTE: Secondary is only used when one of the primary is not available.

On November 6, the Finance Department prepared the following checks, vouchers and supporting documents for approval:

Check NumberPayeeAmountComplete Documents
00032Juanito Dela CostaP    7,500.00a
00033Crisanta Ramirez9,473.23a
00034Ramona Aquino5,267.85a
00035Techie Supplies Inc.23,460.00a
00036Cruz, De Vera & Associates62,000.00a
00037Max Automotive18,274.77a
00038Home & Office Supplies Inc.6,758.03a
00039AES Trading83,500.00a
00040Gawad Kalinga15,000.00a
00041007 Securities Incorporated25,400.00a
00042Anton Schaffer40,000.00a
00043Bella Santos11,034.35a

Meanwhile, the following are the status and availability of the authorized signatories on Nov. 6.

  • Mr. A. Serrano – available to sign
  • Mrs. B. Serrano – out of office (business trip)
  • Mr. C. Serrano – out of office (field work)
  • Ms. D. Serrano – available to sign

If Mr. A. Serrano assigned the checks that can be signed singly by Ms. D. Serrano, how many checks will be left to be signed by Mr. A. Serrano, singly?


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