Choose one of the three topics below: Topic 1 Brian recently


Choose one of the three topics below:
Topic 1
Brian recently graduated from PSU with an Accounting degree. He is currently working as an accountant for a
large consulting company and wants to know how to account for the following items. The company paid for a
CPA prep course, which would have cost him $3,300. They also paid for all of the CPA exam and state filing
fees, which totaled $1,100. During busy season, since he was working from home due to Covid, his company
gave him a Starbucks gift card for $50, a GrubHub gift card for $300, and Safeway gift card for $150. Normally,
they would have provided some meals & coffee in the office during the busy season, but since that wasn’t an
option for 2020, they decided to do the gift cards. His AGI before considering any of these items was $65,000.
Using the tax law, determine how these items will affect his taxe

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