Date   Description DR CR 5-Jan   Cash   1,600,000


Date DescriptionDRCR
5-Jan Cash 1,600,000 
   Common Stock 1,250,000
   Paid in Capital in Excess of Par-Common Stock 350,000
1-Feb Cash 1,012,500 
   Preferred stock 937,500
   Paid in Capital in Excess of Par-Preferred stock 75,000
1-Jul Treasury stock185,000 
   Cash 185,000
15-Nov Cash Dividends37,500 
   Cash Dividends payable 37,500
29-Nov No entry required  
22-Nov Stock Dividends47,250 
   Stock Dividends Distributable 33,750
   Paid in Capital in Excess of Par-Common Stock 13,500
6-Dec No entry required  
15-Dec Cash Dividends Payable37,500 
   Cash 37,500
22-Dec Stock Dividends Distributable33,750 
   Common Stock 33,750
31-Dec Cash 97,500 
   Treasury stock 92,500
   Paid in Capital from sale of Treasury stock 5,000

Can you check all the journal entries correct? And plus close dividend account


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