Domestic violence and rape crimes are big places to start. Often


Domestic violence and rape crimes are big places to start. Often times victims get overlooked because responding officials don’t have the knowledge as to what to look for or even how to handle the situation. It starts with taking the victims more seriously and actually investigating the case rather than convincing the victim it is something that could be fixed some other way. Another way to increase victimization is by educating citizens as to what’s considered a crime and encouraging them to report even if they feel as though it may not be anything worth reporting. Also with the uprising of social media, I feel as though law enforcement agencies should have an app where citizens can communicate with local law enforcement  to see whether or not they were a victim of a crime, and allow them to choose whether or not they’d like to report it if so. I would say most crimes aren’t reported simply because the victims are either scared of the repercussions or they don’t know they are a victim, the change starts with further educating the criminal justice system as well as the citizens.

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