Eric Liu said, “If you don’t learn to practice power, someone else


Eric Liu said, “If you don’t learn to practice power, someone else will do it for you—in your name, on your turf, with your voice, and often against your interests.” Exercising power is essential for taking charge of your life and protecting your interests. Without this skill, yourisk being manipulated and controlled by individuals who may not have your best interests in mind. Protesting is one method by which citizens can influence a decision-maker. One article I discovered depicts citizens’ efforts to influence decision-maker protestors in Tennessee protesting a gun reform law and showing support for three Democratic representatives facing expulsion. Biden added that the action reflected a more significant problem: individuals are punished for speaking out against racism and injustice. He urged Americans to take a position against such acts and work toward establishing a more inclusive and equitable society. President Joe Biden condemned efforts by Tennessee Republicans to expel Democrats from the state legislature for their participation in gun control demonstrations. On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted to remove two African American legislators, but not a third Democrat who is white and participated in the same demonstration. Biden stated that the action was “shocking, undemocratic, and unprecedented” and that Republicans chose to punish, muzzle, and expel elected representatives of the people of Tennessee rather than debate the merits of the issue. This conflict illustrates the gap between citizens and decision-makers in the United States. Citizens have the right to influence decision-making through protests and other forms of advocacy, but those in positions of authority hold the ultimate power. Citizens who feel their voices are not being heard may become frustrated and disillusioned due to this power dynamic. It emphasizes the significance of holding decision-makers accountable and promoting government transparency. 

Who are the leaders and who are the decision makers? What are their sources of power? need help

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