For this task, you must demonstrate an understanding of timetables


For this task, you must demonstrate an understanding of timetables by producing a timetable for the implementation of the cyber security policy and procedure that was developed for Task 1. The timetable design is up to the student but should be produced using software and be in a similar format to a Gannt chart or excel spreadsheet. PC2.3

This task will be conducted in a simulated environment that replicates the workplace and must include the following equipment/resources:

  • Corporate governance documentation required for role
  • Organisational operational policies and procedures required for role.
  • Computer and software capable of producing charts. To  complete  this part of the assessment, present

Table 5 Cyber security policy

Cyber security policy    
TaskStart dateEnd dateDurationStakeholders to be consulted
Review exciting policy for gaps17/5/2317/5/301 business day 
Research and draft new policies to fill gaps    
Submit draft for review    
Assess feedback from review    
Revised policy submitted for approval    
Final approved and distributed    

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