Hello, I need help with where to enter this information on 1040 for


Hello, I need help with where to enter this information on 1040 for the year 2020. Attached is the form. Which other forms do I attach with this 1040? 

Justin Stone was an employee of DataCare Services, Inc. His salary was $25,000.  He withheld $2,000 for Federal Income Tax.  His Social Security number is 111-11-1111.

Justin is age 38; is single; and has a son, Flint, date of birth 1/1/2010 and a daughter Emily, date of birth 1/1/2008. Justin provides all of Flint and Emily’s support. Flint’s Social Security number is 123-45-6789. Emily’s Social Security number in 456-78-9012.

Justin contributed $3,000 to a Traditional IRA. (5 points) Justin did not have any itemized deductions. 

Ensure that Justin claims all of the tax credits that he is entitled to claim. 

  • Child Tax Credit. 
  • Earned Income Tax Credit.  
  • Retirement Savings Credit.
  • Complete the Federal income tax return, include computing the total tax due, any amount of refund or tax owed, for Justin Stone.

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