I am a undergraduate student of accounting. I wonder what will my


I am a undergraduate student of accounting. I wonder what will my professional pathway as an accountant will be like in 3 to 5 years. Please introduce accountant-relevant expenrience  after the graduation of 3-5 years’ you know.

Content required:

1. Outline  career scenario, role and key responsibilities. Identify the company and provide some context about their goals, or the focus of the industry.


How the  learning and experiences during the accounting degree enable the accountant to be successful in the career scenario?

     Discuss learning and experiences in relation to:  Graduate Attributes;  Employability skills

     Discuss the opportunities, professional or personal development since  graduating. 

     Discuss challenges on the career pathway and how had the accountant addressed these challenges

3. personal identity (I am Chinese female, how will i contribute to the diversity?)

     Discuss how the perspective might influence career and professional experiences. 

     You might consider culture, ethnicity, gender, neurodiversity, age, or any other aspect of your personal identity. 

4. give a professional perspective: ‘what does it mean to be an accounting professional?’ 

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