I. Differential analysis for a discontinued product   The


I. Differential analysis for a discontinued product

The summarized statement of income and expenses for the Dish N’ Dat Company product line for the month of March is as follows:


Fixed costs are 15% of cost of goods sold and 40% of selling and administrative expenses. Dish N’ Dat assumes that fixed costs would not be significantly affected if the cups line is discontinued.

Instructions: Fill in the boxes


II. Differential analysis to rent or sell (lease or sell)

Inman Construction Company is considering selling a piece of equipment with a book value of $280,000 (original cost of $400,000 less accumulated depreciation of $120,000) for the price of $292,000, less a 5% commission on the sale. In the alternative, the machinery can be leased for a total of $312,000 for five years, after which it is expected to have no residual value. During the lease period, Inman Construction Company’s costs for repairs, insurance, and property taxes are expected to be $36,000.

Instructions: Fill in the boxes


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