Locate the Professional Development Plan template in the



1. Locate the Professional Development Plan template in the following page. Use this to document the professional development needs and goals you will identify in this task. Review the instructions here and the Professional Development Plan before you proceed so you can prepare for this task. 2. Complete the Professional Development Plan. To complete the plan: i. Identify two (2) of your professional development needs Professional development needs may include but are not limited to areas for improvement in your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), soft skills that you need to develop (e.g. communication, customer relations, etc.), specific areas in accounting/bookkeeping where you need more training, e.g. financial reporting, preparing financial statements, accounting software, etc. ii. Set at least one (1) goal to address each need. If the need identified is relating to not meeting the minimum role requirement for a KPI; then the goal may be to meet the minimum role requirement for that KPI. You must set goals that are S-M-A-R-T: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based. iii. Research, identify and document at least one (1) professional development opportunity you can undertake to help you achieve each goal. Include time frames for each activity. Training, coaching, mentoring, webinars, seminars, industry conferences, etc. These professional development activities must readily be available/accessible for you as you will be required to undertake these activities as part of this assessment within the time frames you have set. At this point, do not complete the following as these will be completed in later parts of the assessment: To be completed in Task 4.2 Professional Development Activities: o Date Completed column o Evidence Provided column To be completed in Task 4.3 Review Professional Development Needs and Goals: o Professional Development Review 1 o Professional Development Review 2 3. Complete the Competency, Authorisation, and Licensing Requirements section of your Professional Development Plan. To complete this section: i. Specify your current accounting/bookkeeping role OR the accounting/bookkeeping role you are working towards. Tax agent, BAS agent, Tax (Financial) Adviser, etc. ii. Identify two (2) competency requirements that you must comply with as part of the work role you identified above. Competency requirements may include but are not limited to qualifications (FNS40222 Certificate IV Accounting and Bookkeeping), skill sets, or units of competency (FNSTPB412 Establish and maintain payroll systems) that are required for the role you have identified. iii. Identify two (2) authorisation and licensing requirements that you must comply with as part of work role you identified above. Authorisation and licensing requirements may include but are not limited to the Code of Professional Conduct and Annual Declaration requirements for BAS Agents, tax agents, and tax (financial advisers). For each requirement, indicate whether you have already completed this or you still need to complete this. Record the actions you have taken OR are currently taking OR will take to complete the requirement. E.g., You are currently taking FNS40222; performing work task and activities in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct, have already scheduled a date for me to complete my Annual Declaration.

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