On 1 April 20X5 Epsilon acquired a new subsidiary, Kappa


On 1 April 20X5 Epsilon acquired a new subsidiary, Kappa, purchasing all 100 million shares of Kappa. The terms of the sale agreement included the exchange of three shares in Epsilon for every two shares acquired in Kappa. On 1 April 20X5 the market value of a share in Epsilon was $10 and the market value of a share in Kappa $13.50. (ii) The terms of the share purchase included the payment of an additional $1.21 per share acquired provided the profits of Kappa for the two years ending 31 March 20X7 exceeded a target figure. (iii) Legal and professional fees associated with the acquisition of Kappa shares were $1,200,000, including $200,000 relating to the cost of issuing shares.   (iv) The individual statement of financial position of Kappa at 1 April 20X5 comprised net assets that had a FV at that date of $1,200 million. Additionally Epsilon considered Kappa possessed certain intangible assets that were not recognised in its individual SoFP: Customer relationships had a reliable estimate of value of $100 million. This value has been derived from the sale of customer databases in the past. Employee expertise had a reliable estimate of value of $80 million. (v) The directors of Epsilon were unsure how long the goodwill on acquisition of Kappa would last but they thought that ten years might be a prudent estimate of its useful economic life. However, they considered that the goodwill had not suffered any impairment up to 31 March 20X6. (vi) The annual discount rate to use in any relevant calculations is 10%. Required: Compute the goodwill on consolidation of Kappa that will appear in the C-SoFP of Epsilon at 31Mar/X6

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