On May 1st, 20XX, Antoinette started her business with the


On May 1st, 20XX, Antoinette started her business with the following assets and liabilities: I would like you to accurately enter the following transactions into the manual accounting systems listed below if someone can help me this out please. I got my answers here but I am not really very sure if it is correct.

a.   General Journal 

b.   Cash Receipts Journal 

c.   Cash Payments Journal 

d.   Credit sales journal 

e.  Credit purchases journal 

f.   General ledger 

May 01          

          Bank                                           $5,000           

          Inventory – Herbs and Oils     $59,000           

          Inventory – Books and Other   $3,000           

          Furniture and Fittings              $13,000           

         Tools and Equipment               $18,000           

         Delivery Van                             $42,000 

May 02   

Paid $1,815 to Paxton Realty for May rent. Cheque 64001          

Paid radio station 2NNN $451 for advertising. Cheque 64002           

Paid $1,210 to Top Fittings for new shelving. Cheque 64003 (Note to be classified as Furniture and Fittings) 

May 04           

Purchased Books worth $1,804 from Biz-Sys on credit. The invoice included $44 delivery charge. Inv. J2205. 

May 06           

Parris Personnel opened an account and bought Herbs and Oils worth $1,320 and Books worth $242. Invoice 001. 

May 09          

Ridgeway Bank bought Herbs and Oils for $3,630 and Books for $880 on account. Invoice 002. 

Cashed cheque of $220 for establishment of petty cash. Cheque 64004 

May 10           

Banked cash receipts of $3,168. This amount is made up of:           

          Oil sales       $2,750           

          Book sales      $418 

May 11 

Provided consultation service to Parris Personnel $110. Invoice: 003 

May 12 

Bought Books on credit from ‘Scene in Books’ (SIS) for $3,520. Invoice: 4406. 

May 13           

Paid cleaner $66. Cheque 64005 (Note: to be recorded as Sundry Expense)           

Sold Books to Parris Personnel, $242. Invoice: 004           

Paid account of Biz-Sys in full. Cheque 64006 

May 17           

Banked cash receipts: Herb sales                  $2,200           

                                       Books and other sales $ 440

May 20           

Sold Herbs and Oils to Ridgeway Bank $880. Invoice: 005           

Paid SIS for Invoice of May 12th less discount of $55. Cheque 64007           

Bought Herbs and Oils from Biz-Sys $7,480. Invoice: J2421. 

May 24 

Banked cash receipts:        Herb sales                         $3,080                           

                                              Books and other sales         $275                           

                                              Consultation Services         $242 

Invoiced Ridgeway Bank for customised Herbs and Oils $1,540. Invoice:006 

Received credit note C224 from Biz-Sys for $990 for Oils and herbs returned. Originally purchased on Invoice J2421. 

May 26           

Paid Biz-Sys balance owing from Invoice J2421 less discount of $22. Cheque 64008           

Received delivery of Books from SIS $2,420. Invoice: 4520           

Received $2000-part payment from Ridgeway Bank. Receipt 001 

May 27           

Paid cleaner $66. Cheque 64009 (Note: to be recorded as Sundry Expense)           

Received payment from Parris Personnel for Invoices 001 and 003. Receipt 002           

Drew cash cheque for wages $1,110 and drawings $660. Cheque 64010           

Received telephone bill no 94361117/1 $242 from Telet           

Received electricity bill no 41.7044 $88 from Atlas Electricity 

May 31           

Banked cash receipts: Herbs and Oils sales    $2,750           

                                       Books and other sales    $462           

                                       Consultation services      $275 

Reimbursed Petty Cash for expenditure for month (Cheque 64011):           

                                         Motor Vehicle Expenses (Fuel and oil)  $121.00        

                                         Sundry Expenses                                      $85.80

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