On May 1st, 20XX, Antoinette started her business with the


On May 1st, 20XX, Antoinette started her business with the following assets and liabilities: I would like you to accurately enter the following transactions into the manual accounting systems listed below if someone can help me this out please.  Please show me from May 1 to May 31 Cash Payments Journal entries please if someone can help.

a.   Cash Payments Journal

May 01          

          Bank                                           $5,000           

          Inventory – Herbs and Oils     $59,000           

          Inventory – Books and Other   $3,000           

          Furniture and Fittings              $13,000           

         Tools and Equipment               $18,000           

         Delivery Van                             $42,000 

May 02   

Paid $1,815 to Paxton Realty for May rent. Cheque 64001          

Paid radio station 2NNN $451 for advertising. Cheque 64002           

Paid $1,210 to Top Fittings for new shelving. Cheque 64003 (Note to be classified as Furniture and Fittings) 

May 04           

Purchased Books worth $1,804 from Biz-Sys on credit. The invoice included $44 delivery charge. Inv. J2205. 

May 06           

Parris Personnel opened an account and bought Herbs and Oils worth $1,320 and Books worth $242. Invoice 001. 

May 09          

Ridgeway Bank bought Herbs and Oils for $3,630 and Books for $880 on account. Invoice 002. 

Cashed cheque of $220 for establishment of petty cash. Cheque 64004 

May 10           

Banked cash receipts of $3,168. This amount is made up of:           

          Oil sales       $2,750           

          Book sales      $418 

May 11 

Provided consultation service to Parris Personnel $110. Invoice: 003 

May 12 

Bought Books on credit from ‘Scene in Books’ (SIS) for $3,520. Invoice: 4406. 

May 13           

Paid cleaner $66. Cheque 64005 (Note: to be recorded as Sundry Expense)           

Sold Books to Parris Personnel, $242. Invoice: 004           

Paid account of Biz-Sys in full. Cheque 64006 

May 17           

Banked cash receipts: Herb sales                  $2,200           

                                       Books and other sales $ 440

May 20           

Sold Herbs and Oils to Ridgeway Bank $880. Invoice: 005           

Paid SIS for Invoice of May 12th less discount of $55. Cheque 64007           

Bought Herbs and Oils from Biz-Sys $7,480. Invoice: J2421. 

May 24 

Banked cash receipts:        Herb sales                         $3,080                           

                                              Books and other sales         $275                           

                                              Consultation Services         $242 

Invoiced Ridgeway Bank for customised Herbs and Oils $1,540. Invoice:006 

Received credit note C224 from Biz-Sys for $990 for Oils and herbs returned. Originally purchased on Invoice J2421. 

May 26           

Paid Biz-Sys balance owing from Invoice J2421 less discount of $22. Cheque 64008           

Received delivery of Books from SIS $2,420. Invoice: 4520           

Received $2000-part payment from Ridgeway Bank. Receipt 001 

May 27           

Paid cleaner $66. Cheque 64009 (Note: to be recorded as Sundry Expense)           

Received payment from Parris Personnel for Invoices 001 and 003. Receipt 002           

Drew cash cheque for wages $1,110 and drawings $660. Cheque 64010           

Received telephone bill no 94361117/1 $242 from Telet           

Received electricity bill no 41.7044 $88 from Atlas Electricity 

May 31           

Banked cash receipts: Herbs and Oils sales    $2,750           

                                       Books and other sales    $462           

                                       Consultation services      $275 

Reimbursed Petty Cash for expenditure for month (Cheque 64011):           

                                         Motor Vehicle Expenses (Fuel and oil)  $121.00        

                                         Sundry Expenses                                      $85.80

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