P2.5A Grete Rodewald formed a dog grooming and training business


P2.5A Grete Rodewald formed a dog grooming and training business called Grete Kanines on September 1, 2024. After consulting with a friend who had taken introductory accounting, Grete created a chart of accounts for the business as follows: No. 101 Cash; No. 112 Accounts Receivable; No. 130 Prepaid Insurance; No. 151 Equipment; No. 201 Accounts Payable; No. 209 Unearned Revenue; No. 301 G. Rodewald, Capital; No. 306 G. Rodewald, Drawings; No. 400 Service Revenue; No. 610 Advertising Expense; No. 726 Rent Expense; and No. 737 Utilities Expense. During September, the following events and transactions occurred:

Sept. 1 Grete transferred $9,630 from her personal bank account to a bank account under the company name

Grete Kanines.

2 Signed a one-year rental agreement for $690 per month. Paid the first month’s rent.

2 Paid $750 for a one-year insurance policy effective September 1, 2024.

5 Purchased $2,640 of equipment on credit.

7 Paid $420 for advertising in several community newsletters in September.

13 Collected $500 cash for providing dog grooming services.

21 Attended a dog show and provided $800 of dog grooming services for one of the major kennel owners. The kennel owner will pay the amount owing within two weeks.

24 Collected $540 from the kennel owner for the services provided on September 21. The kennel owner promised to pay the rest on October 2.

28 Paid $210 for utilities for the month of September.

29 Paid $1,470 of the amount owed from the September 5 equipment purchase.

30 Received $860 cash for dog training lessons that will start on October 10.

30 Collected $1,045 cash for providing dog grooming services.

30 Paid the owner, Grete Rodewald, $1,490 for her personal use.

Journalize the transactions.

Post the journal entries to the ledger accounts

Provide a trial balance as at September 30, 2024.

Please provide all 3 requirements in proper formatting, proper tables please.

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