Parent Handbook for a child care center, preschool, or family child


Parent Handbook for a child care center, preschool, or family child care. You can include some of the work we have already done, including your mission statement, family diversity policy, policies and procedures, etc. You may look online for information from existing schools and/or centers for ideas. Give credit for the source if you use another source. In this case it is okay if you copy and paste. The handbook can be submitted here as one document, either a Word document, power point, or PDF is okay. You could also make a webpage. You do not need to include blank forms for items such as medical records, just make a comment that immunizations and medical records are required. Include some information covering the topics below. Some of it may just be a few sentences. Parent/Family Handbook Welcome The type of program you offer (full-day, part-day, before- and after-school, infant care, inclusive care, mildly ill care, etc.) Your program’s mission and philosophy Required forms (registration, emergency contact, permission for field trips, physicals) Policies about: Curriculum Communication with parents Discipline and guidance Drop-off and pick-up Others authorized to pick up your child from the program Emergency closings Fees and payment arrangements Food and nutrition Hours of operation and daily schedule Immunizations Medication administration Parent involvement Program closings and emergency preparedness plans Transportation This list is from from Child Care Aware: to an external site.

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