please answer. needed asap. please provide refferences/ links


please answer. needed asap. please provide refferences/ links

subject: Computerised Accounting Systems

1. Identify sources of technical help you could use for any Xero operational problems 

2. How can you perform end of financial year rollover in Xero?

3. To ensure system integrity, Xero takes care of backing up organisation data and has strict security procedures in place What are the security tools available in Xero?

4. What is the difference between desktop and online bookkeeping software?

5 What are the advantages of online bookkeeping software?

6. Describe key requirements of financial services industry legislation relating to information privacy when using computerised accounting systems

7. Undertake your own research or, based on your experience, what are the methods used in computerised accounting systems to substantiate financial transactions, and what are the record retention requirements for audit and substantiation purposes?

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