Please choose a project (ex. Event, Construction Contract


 Please choose a project (ex. Event, Construction Contract, Website Development). Review the textbook as necessary.

It will also be marked on the criteria in the outline below (please type or write answers where you see lines _________ in the outline).

answer the following as is 

1. Write up a project goal.

2. Create a Microsoft Project File for your project.

3. Develop a series of tasks and sub-tasks for this project. There should be no fewer than twelve tasks with specific durations. (not including Summary Tasks (ex. Analysis) and milestones for example). Tasks should make logical sense. Put these tasks into your project file in the correct order. Try to group them appropriately using a clear Work Breakdown Structure.


4. Think about reasonable durations for your tasks.

5. What kinds of dependencies will you need to link tasks with?

6. Choose Start or Finish dates for your project. Decide if you will Schedule from Project Start Date or Schedule from Project Finish Date. Briefly explain your choice. 
(You may need more room than that provided below).

7. Set reasonable and logical Durations for all your tasks.

8. Create Dependencies among the Tasks. Explain any points where you included non-Finish-to-Start (FS) Dependencies.

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