Please help me with these Practice Questions   Reference


Please help me with these Practice Questions

Reference: Accounting Information Systems, Savage, Brannock, and Foksinska, 1st Edition

Complete the following steps for the Accounting transactions listed below for the Manson Company in January

Following Steps Listed Below:

1) Enter transactions to the appropriate journals (Sales, Purchases, Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements or
General Journal).

An example is shown for each special journal – transactions b, c, d and k. You do not
need to enter those transactions again – but be sure to include those items in your transaction totals.

Go down the list of transactions and decide what journal it goes in.

DC29E8C6-F6D9-4031-99A9-9F2E3F27DC64 (3).jpeg
A6088F89-D096-4F37-BBD7-970C20159883 (3).jpeg
470A8277-9100-42B2-9B23-BBAA30EEBAE7 (3).jpeg
9F1D8A68-3952-46D1-AF11-4EBC6EB44C95 (3).jpeg

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