Please help me with these Practice Questions   Reference


Please help me with these Practice Questions

Reference: Accounting Information Systems, Savage, Brannock, and Foksinska, 1st Edition

Complete the following steps for the Accounting transactions listed below for the Manson Company in January 

Following Steps Listed Below: 

1) Enter transactions to the appropriate journals (Sales, Purchases, Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements or
General Journal). 

An example is shown for each special journal – transactions b, c, d and k. You do not
need to enter those transactions again – but be sure to include those items in your transaction totals.

a) Hint: before you begin go down the list of transaction and decide what journal it goes in.

2) Post to the appropriate subledgers (if applicable.)

a) Hint: use the post column to keep yourself organized as to which amounts you have transferred to the

3) Post to the general ledger accounts.

a) Hint: if there are several transactions to the same account in a special journal, you only transfer the total to the general ledger.

4) Calculate a total for each general ledger account. Draw a line under the last transaction and then the total amount on the side (debit or credit) that has an account balance.

5) Give a trial balance using the totals from each general ledger.

6) Give a multi-step Income Statement

7) Give a classified Balance Sheet (separate current assets from long-term and current liabilities from long-term.) 

8) Give simple schedules of AR and AP to test the accuracy of the subledgers. 

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