Read the following ethical case and solve the case based on


Read the following ethical case and solve the case based on deontology. You need to argue for your solution based on deontology. (6 Marks).

The ethical case: The Business Enterprise Trust: Merck 

 “A scientist at Merck finds that a drug the company has developed to treat a parasite that infects animals may hold the key to treating a similar problem with human beings. The illness in humans is called “River Blindness”, it afflicts 18 million people (with 85 million at risk) and has horrible effects on its victims- worms that reproduce and spread through the body of the victim cause tremendous discomfort and itching that lead many to commit suicide, and it eventually causes blindness. The central problem is that the populations affected by this disease are all in developing countries, they are poor, and they are unlikely to be able to pay for a drug. Given Merck’s mission to make medicine that is for the people, not the profits, how should Merck’s CEO respond?”

What Should Merck’s CEO do? Solve the case based on deontology. To see the details about deontology and how to solve a case based on deontology you can check the Week 2 lecture. 

Reference: Derived from ‘Teaching Notes’ of Business Ethics: A Managerial Approach. Author: Andrew Wicks, R. Edward Freeman, Patricia H. Werhane, Kirsten E. Martin. Publisher: Pearson. (2010).(Business Ethics: A Managerial Approach. pp. 87-91)

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