statement “Over the past decades, interest in corporate governance



“Over the past decades, interest in corporate governance practices has increased as a direct result of highly publicized cases of corporate misconduct and concerns over the management of a corporation” (Rankin et al. 2018, p.202). It is also viewed that corporate governance suffers from being a multilevel concept that differs between the country (or economic) and individual levels. As such, corporate governance reforms have emerged in various countries, creating significant implications for auditors and increased responsibilities for accounting professionals. Accordingly, in this assignment, students must: • write a research report on corporate governance and related literature. • research corporate governance disclosures on two companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Requirement: This Individual Assignment is comprised of two parts:

 Part A:  Write a research on appraisal and critical evaluation of corporate governance (1000 words)  In this part, the research report/literature review will be written on corporate governance’s role in accounting. Your report/review should demonstrate a wide range of aspects of corporate governance, including practices concerning corporate failure, approaches to corporate governance, roles of ASIC, Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX – USA) and CLERP 9 in Australia, independent director, ethics and integrated reporting and its reflection of international perspectives and developments. You must incorporate academic and professional research, including theoretical praxis, in your review.

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