TEXAS STATES   1) Does the state board of public accountancy you



1) Does the state board of public accountancy you researched require:

a) CPA candidates to have taken an ethics course to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam?  Any ethics course or accounting ethics?

b) CPA candidates who passed the CPA Exam to pass an Accounting Ethics exam?   If so, describe what you learned about the ethics exam. 

c) CPAs to take Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in Ethics to renew their licenses?  If so, how many credits are required for each renewal period?

2) As a consumer of accounting services, what laws do you think should be in place to protect the public?  Why?

3) As a professional accountant (or aspiring professional accountant), to what extent do you believe the state board laws and educational requirements are effective in maintaining ethical practices among the state’s licensed CPAs?  Why?

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