The following information, not yet reflected in the pre-closing


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The following information, not yet reflected in the pre-closing figures above, applies to the current fiscal year: Supplies were purchased on account for $141,000; the perpetual inventory method is used. The cost of supplies used during the year was $168,600. A physical count taken as of that date showed materials and supplies on hand totaled $110,400 at cost. Salaries and wages paid to employees totaled $360,400, including related costs. Billings totaling $46,000 were received from the enterprise fund for utility charges. The Central Garage Fund paid $41,400 of the amount owed. (At the government-wide level, record the payable amount as Internal Balances.) Depreciation of the building was recorded in the amount of $15,400; depreciation of the machinery and equipment amounted to $13,800. Billings to other departments for services provided to them were as follows:

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Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 3.27.04 PM.png

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