The other requirements of the Agency are outlined in Appendix II


The other requirements of the Agency are outlined in Appendix II. The Agency requires that a compliance audit be completed to ensure its requirements are met. We will complete the audit at the end of MMB’s first year of operations. Please draft procedures that would be completed as part of this audit for my review.

Please help me provide a risk and audit procedure per requirement.

Appendix II
Breast Milk Agency requirements
1. Mothers donating to a breast milk “bank” must have first undergone a training and education process on milk donation. The bank must be able to support that this was completed.
2. Mothers donating to the bank must be currently in good health with no illnesses that could be transferable to an infant.
3. Milk must be immediately frozen once pumped, and at no time should the temperature of the milk rise above -3°C until received and thawed by the bank.
4. At all times, the source of the milk must be identifiable so that milk can be traced to its original donor.
5. Milk must be pasteurized.
6. Milk must be blended into batches from multiple donors to allow for sufficient blending of nutrient requirements.
7. No milk should be maintained for more than three months.

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