This project focuses on the combination of United and


This project focuses on the combination of United and Continental…This project focuses on the combination of United and Continental Airlines. Access United Continental Holdings.Inc’s 10K filing of 12-31-2012 (files with the SEC) that describes details of the combination of United and Continental airlines to address the following issues. When required state/cite reference. 

Reference: Certified Financial Statements / SEC filings for UNITED CONTINENTAL HOLDINGS, INC. & Other e.g. 

Number 1-6 Number each of your answers to correspond with the questions below: 

1. How was the merger between United and Continental structured? Which airlines is the survivor? Who holds what stock after the merger? 
2. What accounting method was used to account for the merger of Continental and United? What are the reporting implications of the chosen accounting method? 
3. What were the approximate amounts for the (a) Recorded value of the acquisition of the surviving firm’s books? (b) Fair value of the acquisition? 
4. What items of value did Continental bring to the merger that will not be recorded in the acquisition? 
5. How will the items of value that Continental brought to the merger in #4 affect future reported income for the combined firm? 
6. In your opinion was this a successful merger? Which company do you think gained the most benefit?

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