My Search Strategy for [Topic] STEP 1: Choose one of the selected


My Search Strategy for [Topic]

STEP 1: Choose one of the selected topics below for this assignment.  Or, if you are currently taking another class, you could use a topic from it. If you would like to propose your own topic, discuss your idea with your professor. State which topic you’ve chosen.   


The effect of pets on owners’ mental health

answer here: 

STEP 2: Fill in the table below as a starting point for your search.  Please refer to the materials in Week 1, including the “Identifying an Information Need” learning resource and the example on “climate change” under the “Creating a Search Strategy” topic.  

StepYour answers:
1. insert your topic. 
2. Use Google or Wikipedia to learn about your topic, narrow your focus, and come up with some key words.  
3. make your research question. 
4. make a preliminary topic statement based on what you know. [You will use research to validate (or revise) this early assumption.] 
5. List words or phrases from the topic statement or research question (key concepts) that best describe your topic. 
6. Consider dates, geographic locations, and/or other relevant limiting factors to narrow your search.   
7. Now find relevant synonyms, or keywords, of the key concepts you listed is step 5. 
8. Write different forms of the words or phrases you listed (if any). 

STEP 3: Create a Boolean Search Statement.  Now that you have identified some key concepts and keywords, create a search statement on your topic using Boolean operators. 

insert it here: 

STEP 4: Now, practice your ability to use advanced searching techniques and show what those search terms would look like. We recommend combining nesting, truncation, and phrase searching techniques in a single search statement. Create a search statement using advanced techniques.  Be a Boolean ROCK STAR! 

insert it here: 

STEP 5: Now start your search. Try your search statement with the Library’s OneSearch tool. Provide a snip (or screenshot) of the results from your search.

Share a “snip” or screenshot of a portion of your initial results here:

STEP 6: Now you will narrow your search.  Try adding a date range and more keywords or search phrases to limit the number of articles your search identifies.  Remember that when you get to the evaluation stage, you will appreciate a more focused group of resources.  Provide a snip (or screenshot) that shows the results of your revised search.

Your revised search statement here:

Share a “snip” or screenshot of a portion of your more focused results here:

STEP 7: You may get additional and relevant information from websites.  Do a Google search on your topic using keywords and review this week’s learning resources on evaluating web sites and evaluating digital sources.

Insert the name of a website you visited that produced relevant information:

STEP 8: From the results of your searches, choose an article that you think is the best resource to get you started. Choose an article that addresses the key concepts of your research question, provides useful information, and comes from a reliable source. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Choose an article that is at least 3 pages in length and contains the qualities of a legitimate research article as described in the Evaluate phase (review in Week 3).  Consider an article that also refers to other work, whether that is to build on it, give legitimacy to, or challenge its argument. You will be asked to provide this information in your Article Analysis assignment, which is due at the end of Week 3. 

Before you start using the material, capture the information that you need for a reference citation in APA 7 format. The complete citation will go on your References page of most papers.  

There is good information about how to cite resources properly at the Citing and Writing page. There is additional information about citing in Week 3. 

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